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Control your website anytime, anywhere with the Freestyle package. Based around our own technologies - such as spudmurphynews and Image System - you can control what your users see directly from your web browser without having to contact us and order an update to one of your pages. It also makes your website cheaper to run as there are no charges for each individual update you make.

For many organisations (such as Auctioneering Firms and Clubs) it is neccessary to add or change information on their website daily (such as New/Sold Houses and Member's News). spudmurphynews allows them to do this. Used either 'out-of-the-box' or in a customised version, it allows websites to be changed instantly from anywhere - even via a mobile phone.

Feestyle also extends to E-Commerce. With an E-Store from spudmurphy design you can, using your web browser in your own password protected area, add, update and delete products, change currencies, delivery charges, delivery countries, send newsletters to your customers and much more besides.

Of course you also get all of the extra's included with our other packages, such as:

  • 100 E-Mail addresses
  • Your own domain name (e.g.
  • Unlimited use of and its in-depth analysis of the traffic your website receives
  • Please Contact Us For a No-Obligation Consultation and Quote.


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